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Men's Band in Tantalum, 6.5MM


Black & Blue Cobalt Band, 8MM

Men's Band in Zirconium & Meteorite, 8MM

Black Wedding Bands for men and women

A color of depth and mystery, black is a sleek, striking wedding ring option. With the industry’s most impressive collection of jewelry, Helzberg has an alluring selection of black wedding bands for men and women.

Searching for a uniquely compelling wedding band? A lustrous, highly durable metal, black zirconium is a handsome choice. Rating an impressive 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, the striking material is unscratchable by anything other than a diamond.

Blended from several quality metals, a black ring made of Damascus steel has a rich history rooted in storied battles and glory. Once used to craft razor-sharp swords, the legendary metal makes an especially compelling wedding ring. The metal color is recognizable by the wavy light and dark patterns formed as a result of the forging process.

Heavier than tungsten, black tantalum is an increasingly popular ring material that appeals to modern men and women. Sleek and sturdy, this rare earth metal offers dense durability and an intriguing polished sheen for people who want an iconic ring design.

explore diamond black rings

Glittering with scintillating fire, diamonds pair beautifully with black rings. Artfully crafted using high-quality materials, Helzberg’s black rings for men and women stand out for all the right reasons. Enhanced with brilliant white or depthless black gems, each piece makes a bold statement.

Helzberg’s wedding bands are available in a variety of materials. Not sure where to start? Our team of jewelry experts can help you decide on a wedding ring that best suits you. Schedule a wedding and engagement ring appointment online or in-person at a Helzberg Diamonds near you.