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Fire is often associated with passion and power, all characteristics that seem to come naturally to people with Sagittarius, Leo and Aries zodiac signs. If you know (or are) a fire sign, you get what we mean. 
Fire types are usually high-energy, action-oriented and, dare we say, a little competitive. But in a good way, of course! Oh, and they love fire sign astrology jewelry. 

Aries jewelry

Fittingly, diamond is one of the zodiac birthstones for Aries, born between March 21 and April 19. Nature’s hardest material, this gemstone represents strength, making it perfect for a strong-willed Aries. 
Dazzling and versatile, diamonds are perfect for an endless variety of thoughtful gifts. Think glamorous diamond studs, brilliant pendants, breathtaking tennis bracelets and artfully crafted diamond rings. While everyone loves diamonds, these iconic stones will hold deeper meaning to the Aries in your life.
Another Aries gemstone is the stunning aquamarine, which comes in beautiful shades of pale blue. Like its diamond counterpart, this Aries gemstone can be worn in versatile ways and will add the perfect finishing touch to any look. Set an aquamarine stone in a diamond halo setting for a stunning personalized ring that captures the true Aries spirit. 

Leo jewelry

Fiercely proud and confident, Leos live life to the fullest, approaching every endeavor with passion. And the sign’s two gemstones capture this very essence.
One of the official gemstones of Leos, ruby is known for exemplifying passion and courage, two traits of a classic Leo. This is the gemstone of a Leo born between July 23 and July 31.
The second Leo gemstone is the peridot, for Leos born between August 1 and August 22. The gem’s warm, yellow-green hues represent purpose and focus and contrast brilliantly with timeless yellow gold, icy white gold and sleek sterling silver. 
Both rubies and peridot pair harmoniously with a wide variety of gemstone jewelry, making them ideal for the fun-loving Leo.

Sagittarius jewelry

Sagittarians, born between November 22 and December 21, are known for being optimistic, fair-minded and intellectual. These diverse traits are reflected by multiple zodiac birthstones
First, there is citrine, with its warm golden-yellow hue that is thought to block negativity. It pairs perfectly with a variety of metals, making it a versatile gem. Next is the gorgeous blue topaz, often associated with bringing peace to its wearer. Sagittarians can also claim tanzanite as one of their gemstones. This stunning gem is a cross between rich purple and vibrant blue, making it perfect for the thoughtful Sagittarius.  


Whatever their sign, whatever their style, zodiac birthstone jewelry is a great way to show how much you care. Whether a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, shop fire sign jewelry at Helzberg.