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November Birthstone - Citrine Jewelery

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Citrine, one of November’s birthstones, radiates hope and joy. This cheery gem is a spark of light in a dark winter month. It’s calming, warm energy brings good luck to those who wear this gorgeous stone. A relatively hard product, these stunners are tough enough to withstand years of everyday wear. Citrines range in shade from pale to deep, intense yellow. The bright stones are a type of quartz, and traces of iron provide the color.

We have a range of citrine jewelry appropriate for wearers of all ages. Necklaces and pendants from our Enchanted Disney collection make delightful birthday gifts for pre-teens. Simple stud earrings with citrine birthstones are perfect choices for teens and young adults. Sterling silver settings provide a gorgeous and cost-effective way to introduce your favorite teen to the joys of fine jewelry.

Treat someone you love to a set of citrine earrings surrounded by sparkly diamonds. These knockouts bring the wow factor and add just the right bit of bling to any formal occasion. Celebrate milestone birthdays with a citrine necklace and earring set. We also have a variety of citrine rings in silver, yellow gold and white gold settings. Citrine birthstones add warmth and color to stackable rings.

Birthstones are gems and other minerals that are associated with a month. This is a tradition that dates back to Biblical times, and through history it was customary to wear the stone associated with the current month during that time, then switch to the next birthstone during the next month. In addition, this was before stones could be identified as precisely as they can be today, so the identities of some of the original stones are unknown. It's only in the last century that the current list has been standard, and since then, it has been more appropriate to wear your birthstone all year 'round.

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