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Diamond Accent & Pink Tourmaline Three-Heart Pendant in 14K Yellow Gold
Price reduced from $749.99 to $499.99

Radiant Pink Tourmaline Jewelry

Tourmaline jewelry is a favorite among designers and gemstone collectors all over the world. Available in many colors, the gemstone is suitable for anyone's tastes and can be coordinated with any outfit or ensemble. Some of these gemstones are also known for displaying several colors at once. These bi-color and tri-color gems with clear distinctions can be very rare and highly prized — pink tourmaline being the rarest and most desired of all the tourmaline stone types.

Tourmaline is said to bring a sense of calm, serenity, magnetism and peace to the wearer as well as anyone in the immediate vicinity. The gemstone represents a love of humanity and is a gorgeous alternative birthstone for October. Tourmaline, necklace and ring designs from Helzberg Diamonds are guaranteed to have outstanding beauty, the most brilliant pops of color and the highest clarity.

Helzberg Diamonds has a spectacular collection of tourmaline jewelry and other jewelry styles for sale online and in-stores. Use our precious gemstone guide to learn how to properly care for and clean your jewelry.