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So, you want to propose, but dishing out tens of thousands of dollars for a ring isn’t in the cards. The old rule of thumb  was to spend two month’s salary on an engagement ring. Spoiler alert: There are plenty of affordable engagement rings for women (and men) in the $2,000 and under category, meaning you can buy a ring and still save up for a wedding, honeymoon and beyond. 
Leave the ring shopping to us, and we’ll guide you toward the best affordable engagement rings under $2,000. We’ll leave the proposal up to you. 

how to pick the best engagement ring 

You’ve found “the one,” and a proposal is inevitable. You may have even taken your significant other to try on rings so you have some inspiration. Now that the time has finally come and you’re getting serious about your engagement ring purchase, here’s how to get started when buying a ring

  • Get a sense of your loved one’s style. Does she like a classic, no-frills solitaire ring? Does he prefer the look of a less traditional metal? What about bold, colorful gemstones? Filter your search by your better half’s aesthetic. 
  • Budget for an engagement ring. You know your price point, so once you’ve determined how much you want to spend — whether it’s a $2,000 engagement ring or something a bit less — begin searching within those parameters.
  • Know their ring size. You’ve probably had a conversation with your spouse-to-be, so it won’t be a total surprise when you pop the question. Borrow one of their current rings, have them try a ring sizer, or measure their finger at home to ensure you get the right size engagement ring. 
  • Understand basic jewelry terminology. You don’t need a degree in gemology to buy a ring, but it’s helpful to know the type of cut, color, clarity and carat they desire. Check out our quick primer on the “4Cs.”

best affordable engagement rings under $2,000

Here are four of our favorite budget engagement rings that exude luxury…without the steep price tag. 

pink perfection 

A blush-pink morganite gemstone in a pear shape, surrounded by rows of brilliant diamonds, and an exquisite blend of 14K white gold and rose gold, is an exceptionally affordable engagement ring and happens to be a real showstopper. 

regal sophistication & style 

Treat them like a queen with a princess-cut diamond sparkling amid 65 brilliant-cut diamonds that twist around the band. This exceptionally elegant, affordable engagement ring is classic and timeless. Immediate yes! 

art deco aesthetic

She loved “The Great Gatsby” and she’s a huge fan of scalloped edges and intricate metal adornments common in art deco architecture, interior design and jewelry. This fresh take on a vintage engagement ring will delight her with its sparkling trifecta of radiant gems and its rounded shape.   

making waves 

Undulating bands of inset diamonds and 10K white gold swirl around the center stone to showcase the brilliance of all 20 diamonds in this elegant yet affordable engagement ring.

quality at any price 

At Helzberg Diamonds, we believe everyone should be able to find the best affordable engagement ring. You don’t need to break the bank to propose and purchase the affordable engagement ring of her dreams. Let Helzberg Diamonds help make your dreams come true with an array of financing and payment options, including lease to own, buy now, pay later, branded credit card or revolving credit.