Alternative Engagement Rings

When it comes time to narrow down the type of ring you — or your fiancé-to-be — wants, it pays to step outside of tradition sometimes. Rules, after all, are meant to be broken, and there are many alternative engagement rings that may better fit their personality, desires … and your budget. Here are a few of the many non-traditional engagement rings that will last for a lifetime of togetherness.

Alternative To What? 

Traditional engagement rings typically involve some sort of diamond taking center stage — like a solitaire diamond ring with a platinum setting or a larger carat cushion cut diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller stones. Those classic styles definitely transcend trends, but they also often come at price points outside your budget. 

Alternative options give you a lot more flexibility when it comes to colors, styles and prices. Plus, choosing an alternative metal, stone or style allows you to flex your creativity to create a more personalized custom engagement ring. 

Types Of Alternative Engagement Rings

The good news is the options are virtually endless when creating a meaningful alternative ring. (Psst: It doesn’t even have to be a ring. You can give an engagement necklace, watch or earrings if that’s more your speed!) With that in mind, here are a few alternative options you may not have thought of when you begin your search for the perfect engagement ring: 

Moissanite Engagement Rings

If the wow factor of a large natural diamond doesn’t mesh with your budget, consider going the moissanite route. This super hard, scratch-resistant stone gives the look and brilliance of a diamond without the cost. That means you can buy a much larger stone with a much smaller price tag. 

morganite engagement rings 

Her wedding colors don’t have to be “blush and bashful” (name that movie!) to love the delicate pink tint of a morganite gemstone. Choose a simple pear-shaped gem with a rose gold band for a monochromatic masterpiece, or up the glam factor with a romantic diamond halo surrounding an oval-shaped center stone. 

sapphire engagement rings 

Are you Team Diana, Team Kate Middleton or somewhere in between? If so, consider the royal aesthetic and centuries-old beauty of a sapphire. This blue gemstone is great for daily wear owing to its durability, and you can go with a single stone on a gold band, make it flashier with surrounding diamonds or white sapphires, or choose a sapphire band with inset stones. If you want a bright pink gemstone that’s more vibrant than morganite, select a unique pink sapphire

ruby engagement rings 

Let the fiery passion of your relationship match the center stone of a ruby engagement ring. Choose a round cut ruby gemstone surrounded by a halo of moissanite gemstones for a deeply romantic piece of jewelry. The deep red gives the piece a unique touch that will stand out on their finger. 

amethyst engagement rings 

If you don’t go the traditional route, consider choosing a ring that commemorates a February birthday. The deep purple hue of amethyst promises a dreamy mystique while incorporating a bit of personalization into the ring. Select an opulent design with a rose gold metal to really accentuate the amethyst tone. 

topaz engagement rings 

Looking for a vintage non-traditional engagement ring? A rich blue topaz ring gives the look of something old while serving as their “something blue.” Select a stunning Art Deco-style ring featuring a large, sparkling topaz stunner that promises the wow-factor she craves.  

aquamarine engagement rings 

Capture the tranquility of the ocean or the gentleness of her spirit with the quiet brilliance of an aquamarine ring. Choose from a range of shapes, sizes and settings, whether she prefers the look of an emerald-cut stone surrounded by diamonds in a white gold setting or a vintage-style setting featuring a pear-shaped aquamarine. 

stacking band engagement rings 

If your bride-to-be prefers a more delicate style, go with the look of a single band, whether a plain yellow or white gold ring, or something with a row of diamonds or gemstones. A single band speaks to classic simplicity, perfect for the minimalist bride who loves clean lines and understated elegance. 

Add extra bands over time, whether for an anniversary, the birth of a child, a special occasion or a holiday. Or plan to propose with three stacked bands that coordinate with her sophisticated style. 

completely unique engagement rings 

Anything can be an engagement ring — a paperclip, a gumball machine treasure, a birthstone band, even a thicker men’s wedding band, if that’s more their speed. Whatever ring you select will have its own special meaning for all of eternity. 

Design Your Own One-Of-A-Kind Engagment Ring

Can’t find a ring that fulfills all of her desires? Make your own! Designing a custom engagement ring will give you the chance to flex some creativity while ensuring you find exactly what you want. You can even get your partner in on the action by going together to pick out a stone, select a setting and choose a style. Adding an engraved inscription inside the ring — whether a wedding date, your initials or a short quotation — can make it even more unique and meaningful.


What Makes An Engagement Ring Alternative? 

Anything non-traditional is considered an alternative, meaning the ring won’t be your traditional solitaire diamond band. Alternative rings take an unexpected material or stray from that traditional diamond into something that better fits with your unique style. 

Can I Create My Own Engagement Ring? 

Absolutely! Your engagement ring should be a reflection of the wearer and their relationship. Creating your own unique ring is the way to go to ensure that you hit all the must-haves. You can use an online ring tool to virtually build and order an engagement ring right from home, or you can work with an in-store jeweler to find your one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

What Should I Look For In A Unique Engagement Ring? 

Find an engagement ring that speaks to her personality and style. If she has an affinity for modern and flashy, you might choose a custom morganite ring with a diamond band. If her style is more pared down and minimalist, a simple band with a few small gemstones may fit the bill. If she wants something completely different, say a thicker silicone band, that works too!